SHINHAN KEG supplies 10~30 liter RSR (Rubber Steel Rubber) Keg for beer, wine, coffee, soft drink, other beverages and various liquid. All products are made of high grade stainless steels and meet best level performance test requirements and food contact material safety test criteria.


Selected Products List

RSR 20X Series (20 liter)

RSR 201
Practical Standard Model_20L

RSR 202
Luxurious Slim Model_20L

RSR 203
Functional Slim Model_20L

RSR 10X Series (10 liter)

RSR 101
Practical Standard Model_10L

RSR 102
Luxurious Slim Model_10L

RSR 103
Functional Slim Model_10L

RSR 15X Series (15 liter)

RSR 151
Practical Standard Model_15L

RSR 152
Luxurious Slim Model_15L

RSR 153
Functional Slim Model_15L

RSR Soft Drink Series

RSR SD 102
Cornelius Keg for Home Brewing

RSR SD 202
Cornelius Keg for Home Brewing